Bespoke Work

Our main business here at Linda Black furs is transforming Vintage furs into modern day items that are useable by many people. One of the best things about buying a fur is that it can last for a couple of generations if it’s cared for and looked after properly; and of course, fur has the amazing ability to be restyled, repurposed and remade – this is due to the strength and durability of the material. This is one of the many reasons that fur is so sustainable and is naturally the choice for people with an environmental consciousness, returning to slow fashion.

Not everyone likes to wear a massive fur coat around and here in Australia, sometimes that’s just completely impractical. However, Fur Accessories or Fur Homewares are always appropriate, they can certainly bring some life to an ordinary outfit or grandeur to any sort of space.

Below you will find a selection of our bespoke products that we make here every day. When placing an order, please understand that their will be a waiting time while the product is made. Select from our range below and one of the Linda Black Team will be in contact with you to being the process of making something in fur, just for you!

Reusing Vintage fur is quite a process, the first step in the process, is that the fur itself needs to be cleaned, after this the garment is completely taken apart and reduced back into pelts, at this point we begin the oiling process, this gives life and strength back to the old leather allowing it to be sewn and used again. Then each pelt is examined for damages, if there is any damage it is corrected at this point. Carefully then the pelts are arranged together ensuring a colour vibrancy and match. Once it looks right, it is all sewn together, and it will be handstitched and finished.

If you have your own fur garments that you would like turned into any of the following items, please contact us for individual pricing.

Below you can see examples of our custom work, after placing an order one of our team will be in contact with you to begin the process of creating your very own fur item.