Meet Linda Black

Linda, a tiny Black Pomeranian was born in Melbourne, November 1999 and passed away on October 10th 2013. Although of diminutive size, she was blessed with exquisite looks and a forceful personality. A mother of five, her determination and independent character inspired her owners to name their business after her. She was a busy dog who divided her time between her responsibilities as a business figurehead and her little family.

Her husband Andy and youngest son Monty were devoted to her until they too passed away. Monty in 2018 aged 15 and Andy in 2019 at the ripe old age of 19 years.  In fact, Linda is missed deeply by all who knew her. We continue the business in her name along with the legacy of her unconditional love and determination.








These days, the position of business Mascot and Director of Security is filled by Jasper, the third small fluffy black dog to hold the post.

First was Linda, then Andy and now Jasper carries on the tradition.












He is ably assisted by our charming part-time receptionist and full-time lap dog, white Pomeranian, Gypsy.

Dogs are great icebreakers and are expert at putting most people at their ease. They can start a conversation between strangers without speaking a word. They will both be here in store to greet you when you drop in.