Fur Blankets

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Our Blankets are extraordinary, we utilize the whole of Vintage garment and unlike other fur rugs you see, you can’t tell ours were made from a vintage garment. We can create blankets with a wide variety of furs, truly capturing something unique that will really be a personal manifestation of your style. You can combine two different furs together, each of the blankets below contain 1 Vintage Coat and 1 Vintage Jacket. We also have rare and specialty furs available via private application, including rare foxes and big cats that were hunted before the cities treaties. 

Please note: Specialty Furs are listed throughout our Bespoke Collections, "Specialty Furs" means the item is created with Rare or exotic furs (Such as Lynx, Ocelot, Leopard, Sand cats, Rare Foxes etc) the prices listed are for a deposit on the item. The actual cost of specialty furs is POA.